Swede-Wheel EXPRESS

10 years ago we put all our most popular castors, wheels and accessories together, put them in our express store and called this Swede-Wheel EXPRESS.

This made us very unique at the time and matched perfectly our mission to make things easier for our customers. Over the years we have improved this service to our customers and now we can offer an ever wider assortment of our most popular products in prepacked boxes. We have also extended the time for orders to be despatched same day. We call this Swede-Wheel EXPRESS 3.0.

We have more than 170 different castor models in our express assortment and approximately 250 000 articles in stock. You will easily find them at our website. When searching for a suitable castor you will soon see that some of them are marked with our EXPRESS symbol . These articles can also be downloaded as CAD drawings. Just to make it easier for you.

Place your order before 2 pm and we will dispatch it the same day if possible.

Our most popular products in stock – with wider assortment (wheel diameters and load capacities).

Prepacked in boxes with a max. weight of 13 kilos in order to make this as ergonomic as possible.

Terms of delivery for Swede-Wheel EXPRESS