Spoke wheels

Our spoke wheels are developed for the design and function requirements that are placed on, for example, cleaning trolleys. The wheel tread is made of foamed polyurethane that easily rolls over thresholds and other obstacles without bouncing. The same function as a pneumatic wheel, but there is no air that can leak out. The wheel hub is designed to be mounted as a fork-mounted wheel with two ball bearings (bore 15 mm), or with one of the ball bearings in a smaller version and off-centred (bore 12 mm) as a cantilever wheel. In addition, we have a bush that simplifies the assembly, watch our movie! If you order our bush-mounted spoke wheels, a set of end covers and axel covers will be included that will give you a clean and stylish design. Then there are no protruding shafts that can damage your walls!

Ball bearing
Ball bearing seat
Stem mounted