Use wheels with cast polyurethane tread when the requirements on load capacity, noise reduction, floor protection and low rolling resistance is high! We have a wide range of wheels to suit your actual need. The standard quality with flat tread will cover most needs, but in case you need the rolling resistance to be really low, choose our superelastic PU wheels. The range of superelastic wheels with convex tread has a high maneuverability in tight spaces, select the softer in 83° Shore A for medium weight trolleys maneuvered by hand, otherwise the harder in 93° Shore A.

Standard Flat 93° Aluminium centre
Standard Flat 93° Cast Iron centre
Premium Flat 93° Gjutjärnsnav
Superelast Flat 83° Aluminium centre
Superelast Flat 83° Cast Iron centre
Superelast Conv 83° Aluminium centre
Superelast Conv 83° Cast Iron centre
Superelast Conv 93° Aluminium centre
Superelast Conv 93° Cast Iron centre