Superelast Conv 83° Aluminium centre

Cast green elastic polyurethane in hardness 83°Shore A combines the properties of elastic rubber wheel with the high abrasion and cut resistance of polyurethane wheel. It offer a very low rolling resistance, smooth and noiseless running. It is floor protective and non marking. The tread has a high abrasion and cut resistance, and is resistant to oils, fats and a wide range of chemicals. It is elastic and recover to round shape after static load, and has a high resistance against picking up cuttings, gravel etc. The aluminium centre reduces the weight of the wheel, compared to a wheel with cast iron centre.
CO - 160kg
CP - 160kg
4O - 300kg
3P - 350kg
4P - 400kg
4PBF - 400kg
5P - 400kg
8P - 800kg
D30P - 3000kg