Ball units. Hardened

A ball transfer unit table is a great way to build a rational workplace for the handling of boxes. Place the ball units with a c/c spacing that corresponds to the box's smallest width divided into three. There are several different ways to mount the ball units, choose the right model below.
Ball units are designed to be used with the load ball upwards. If you still want to use it with the ball downwards, the rule of thumb is that the load capacity is halved. Lifetime is also affected by how clean and tidy the floor surface is.

This range of ball transfer units is case hardened for longer life time and load capacity.  

With clips, you effectively mount the submerged BUSP rollers. First, mount the clip from above, then push the ball unit down. The clips lock the ball unit.

Submerged Screw
Submerged Screw Stainless
Stem mounted
Submerged Press
Clips Submerged
Spring loaded